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          *Q&A with Nick Daffy*
                                                   taken from the official A.F.L site  go there

Q.Which A.F.L team did you follow as a kid?

Q. Match day Routine?e :
A. Rest and Breakfast

Q. Biggest Thrill?
A. "95" Finals series

Q. Biggest Disappointment?
A. "95" Finals Series

Q. Hardest Opponent?
A. John Blakey

Q. Best Player Seen?
A. Gary Ablett

Q. Most Memorable Match?
A. Essendon Final

Q. What Would you be if you Weren't a Football Player?
A. Tennis Player

Q. Most embarrassing Moment?
A. Losing to Adelaide

Q. Scariest Moment in Your life?
A. On Flight Across America in bad Weather

Q. Your Ultimate Non-Football Fantasy?
A. To be Happy

Q. Six Dream Guests at a Dinner Party?
A. 1- Michael Jordan
     2- Christy Turlington
     3- Chopper Read
     4- Andrew Gaze
     5- Elizabeth Shue
     6- Mum or Dad

Q. In your dream round of golf, which 3
      people would you play?
 A.  Michael Jordan, Basil Deppelar,
       Elizabeth Shue

Q. Who are your best mates at the club?
A. All of Them

Q. Which teammate makes you laugh the
      most and why?
A. Wazza Campbell and Benny Gale

Q. Biggest Influence on Your Career?
A. Parents

Q. Favorite T.V show?
A. Northern Exposure

Q. What was your First Car?
A. Corona

Q. Favourite Drink?
A. Water

Q. Favourite Nightspot?
A. M.C.G

Q.Your hero?
A. Muhammed Ali

Q. Last Book You Read?
A. Still Me - Christopher Reeves

Q. Favourite music for motivation?
A.    Pearl Jam

Q. Best place to be on a free day during
      the footy season?
A. Beach, South Melbourne

Q. What's in your footy bag
 A. 3 of everything - just in case

Q. Last time you cooked, what was on the
A. Vegies and pasta

Q. Where would you go for a spectacular night
A. Portsea Pub

Q. Sections of the newspaper you read?
A. News, finance sport, TV guide

Q. Where were you on.......

Melbourne Cup Day?
A.  Middle of the track

Christmas Day?
A.  Nan and Pa's and Bob's place

Boxing Day?
A.  Playing golf with my pa and riding
around Colac

New Year's Day?
A.  Mt Gambier on my sister's farm

Q. Favourite holiday spot?
A. Coolum

Q. What do you like best about where you
A. The beach, Clarendon St CafT, the Fish
     'n Chippery

Q. Favourite piece of clothing and why?
A. Cargo shorts and shirt

Q. What makes you angry?
A. Losing

Q. Biggest risk you've ever taken?
A. Coming to Melbourne

Q. Favourite holiday spot?
A. Coolum

Q. Favourite book?
A. Still Me - Christopher Reeves

Q. Favourite band?
A. U2

Q. Favourite CD?
A. U2 - Greatest Hits

Q. Favourite movie?
A. Grease

Q. Favourite magazine?
A. Mens Health